PGM Security ( is a Security & Safety consulting company in Bali, Indonesia. Below are all the services we provide.

Security Management System Planning & Consulting

PGM provides a comprehensive Security Management System Planning consulting services starting from the initial process of recognizing and understanding the client's goals in building the security system as required by the Client, conducting risk assessments according to the Client's needs, building an integrated security structure, building a measurable and achievable security system, security program and its implementation, assisting the process of monitoring the security system in accordance with the objectives that the Client’s wish to achieve.

Security Basic Training Program

PGM provides Security Guards Basic Training Program comprises of classes such as:

1. Gada Pratama Training is a basic training for security guards as candidates to have the basic skills as security officer.

2. Gada Madya Training is the intermediate training for Security Guard personnel with the purpose of forming intermediate abilities and skills with Gada Madya qualifications, which is obtained by the Supervisory role of the Security Guards.

3. Gada Utama Training is the training that is must be obtained by the leader in charge of security members to have a mental personality, physical fitness and skills as Security Manager with the abilities to manage resources and have the ability to become problem-solver within the scope of their duties and responsibilities.

VIP Event and VIP Visits

We provide Security Guards catering specifically for VIP at events and VIP visits in Bali.

Basic Safety Training

We are also providing basic safety training for Client’s household and internal staff.

Why Choose Us ?

  1. Having security members with good performance and discipline in carrying out security duties
  2.  Flexible and cater client’s needs

What You Get

  1. Reliable Security Officers
  2. Providing Customised Security Supports And Services
  3. Providing Best Practice Security Solutions
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