PGM was initiated and founded by Indonesian security practitioners who have a combined experience of more than 50 years who are experts in understanding the needs and development of domestic and foreign-owned companies in Indonesia

PGM was established as our contribution in the Security sector to create a conducive, yet comprehensive to support the Tourism Industry and Business atmosphere in Bali Island. Hence, this is our contribution to actively participates in supporting the success of the Republic of Indonesia Government’s Program, especially in Bali Island, as one of the provinces that contributes the country’s largest foreign exchange in Tourism, also, understanding that Bali is the hub for Eastern Indonesian Regions, which is currently actively carrying out development in several industrial sectors, both tourism and other business fields.


Providing a safe and secure business environment by minimizing the potential risks exposure to High Profile Clientele, their businesses and their properties operating within the Law and Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.


  1.  To provide optimum service with integrity and proper
    business ethics
  2. To provide and maintain high standard quality
    management team, experts, and workforce through
    various enrichment and retraining programs
  3. To deliver continuous, trustworthy, and valuable
    services customised to clients’ needs through our service
    facilities and integrated IT support systems
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